Maintaining electrical integrity in the event of a fire

How do you maintain the integrity of safety-critical electrical circuits in the event of a fire?

The initial thought is simply to use a fire-rated cable, but this is only part of the solution. Whilst a cable may be resistant to fire, you also need to ensure that any connections or electrical junctions are also suitably protected.

To achieve this Abtech have a developed the BPGF, a simple fire-rated GRP junction box. It will maintain insulation integrity for 120 minutes during direct exposure to fire, ensuring that electrical devices such as fire suppression systems, smoke extractors, alarms, and emergency lighting remain operational during exposure to extreme heat and flames.


BPGF - Fire Resistant Junction Box


The BPGF provides insulation integrity PH120 in accordance with BS EN 50200 and BS 8434-2. This pre-assembled unit has been configured for maximum flexibility and is ready to install.

It is available in two sizes (120mm x 120mm or 160mm x 160mm) with either an eight or twelve-way ceramic feed-through terminal block. Both versions feature four M20 entries and two stainless steel plugs. The enclosure is rated IP66 for superior levels of ingress protection.

In addition to the BPGF pre-configured range, Abtech can provide fire-resistant enclosures in both GRP and Stainless Steel to match your exact requirements. To ensure the integrity of the electrical circuit, our fire-rated enclosures are supplied with ceramic terminals. These can withstand much higher internal temperatures than standard terminals.

In line with your requirement, we can supply standard din rail mounted terminals or Abtech's own range of ceramic blocks along with fused terminal assemblies. We can also cater for large diameter cables and higher voltage connections using ceramic stand-off pillars. Please get in touch with your requirements so we can help determine the best configuration to suit you.

Stainless Steel and GRP Fire Resistant Enclosures