Distilleries & Beverage Production

From Ex-rated bonded storage facilities to high ambient production areas Abtech has a number of products ideally suited to the production of beer and spirits.

The rapid growth in exports for spirits such as gin and whiskey has seen a rapid expansion of production and storage facilities across the UK. Key stages of the distilling process take place in areas commonly designated as Zone 2 hazardous areas. For whisky production, the extended storage periods required to age the product can lead to evaporation and a build-up of potentially flammable gasses. The accumulation of the ‘angels share’ means in warehouses are also designated as zoned areas.

Industrial beverage production and fermentation processes often result in high ambient temperatures, sometimes reaching 70°C and a humid atmosphere. Such an environment is particularly harsh on traditional lighting. For LED lighting, this can be a bigger problem as solid-state luminaires generally perform better at a lower ambient and humidity.

Abtech has developed its Stainless Steel Gamma floodlight to meet the needs of this industry. Designed to operate at higher temperatures without a significant negative impact on light output and operational life, the Gamma has proved a positive step in reducing maintenance in such areas.

Whisky and Gin Production