GRP Junction Box

The BPG is a range of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) enclosures for use in both onshore and offshore hazardous locations.

These enclosures are available in a range of sizes and come in either Grey (IK08) to carbon loaded Black (IK09). The BPG is manufactured from SMC layered GRP material to provide maximum protection against impact and the effects of ultraviolet radiation. 

In addition to being tough, the BPG features high levels of ingress protection. The range is rated IP66/67 and Type 4X. It has also been DTS-01 deluge tested. To ensure that dust and water cannot enter the electrical compartment of the junction box, all fixing points are located outwith the silicone lid seal area.

The BPG is designed for maximum flexibility. Entries can be drilled on any of the four sides, even on the back. The enclosure itself can be uniquely customised with the addition of internal/external earth studs, earth continuity plates or earth bars. Almost any suitably certified terminal with associated linking can be accommodated.

BPG Range in grey

If not being used as a terminal enclosure, the BPG can be fitted with a component mounting plate for the installation of various sensors or instrumentation. A toughened glass window can also be included.

Grey BPG enclosures are also PH120 fire rated when fitted with ceramic terminals.

  • IP66/67 and Type 4X to prevent dust and water ingress

  • Anti-static carbon loaded (Black) or 120 minute Fire Rated (Grey)

  • Flexible options for terminal and componet installation

Standard Sizes

Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (KG)
EBPG06 122 120 90 0.75
EBPG07 220 120 90 1.0
EBPG08 160 160 90 1.0
EBPG09 260 160 90 1.17
EBPG10 360 160 90 2.15
EBPG11 560 160 90 3.2
EBPG12 255 250 120 3.2
EBPG13 400 250 120 3.65
EBPG13.5 400 250 160 4.87
EBPG14 600 250 120 2.25
EBPG15 400 405 120 5.58

Note: Sizes smaller than a BPG06 are available, please refer to datasheet.




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