Cable Glands & Accessories

No installation is complete without the connection between the cable and the luminaire or junction box. This is critical to maintaining the IP rating. Here at Abtech, we want to supply our customers with the highest quality products for the complete installation.

We offer a selection of single, double compression, and barrier glands from third-party suppliers to suit all cable types: armoured, unarmoured, braided, and un-braided. All the glands and cable connection accessories we supply are marked with the relevant Ex db, Ex eb, or Ex nR protection concepts for ATEX and IECEx.

If additional 3rd party approvals are required, just let us know so we can help select a product to suit your specific project requirements.


Abtech Breather Vent

The Abtech ABV M40 breather vent is designed to improve breathing function for enclousre to assist ventilation of both hazardous area and industrial enclosures. 

In applications where the breather is to be used to facilitate the removal of flammable gases that may enter the enclosure via subsea or conected cables, it is advisable to fit 2 breather vents to improve air flow throught the enclosure. 

The breather employs a 2-stage filter process, ensuring that the high flow rate is maintained for extended periods. The breather can be easily dismantled to assist cleaning or replacment of the filters. 

Other accessories

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