Linear LED Luminaire

The ExLED is a linear LED luminaire designed as a direct replacement for traditional linear 2 x 18W, 2 x 36W and 2 x 58W T8 fluorescent lighting.

The use of LED technology as a light source provides reduced maintenance and site downtime due to longer maintenance intervals. The 100,000 hour operational life (L70 @55°C) ensures removes the need for replamping every two to three years as was the case for fluorescent lamps.

The luminaire features a GRP body, pure white LEDs (6500K) with a low glare, frosted polycarbonate diffuser and stainless steel clips. The body has 2 x M25 clearance holes at one end and 1 x M25 at the other. It is suitable for both through wiring and loop-in/loop-out connection.

The ExLED is available as a self-contained battery backup version. This features automatic battery monitoring with bi-colour LED status indication. The luminaire also carries out automatic commissioning and duration testing to ensure the emergency operation is maintained throughout its lifetime.

  • Replacement for 2 x 36W and 2 x 58W linear fluorescents

  • 100,000 hours operation at 55°C

  • 3 hour self contained battery backup option

ExLED linear with low glare diffuser

Dimensions including mounting brackets

Luminaire Ratings

Product Reference Fluorescent Equivalent Length (mm) Power (W) Lumen Output (lm) T Rating Ambient Range Weight (kg)
LX1E865F06L22 2 x 18W 678 15 2,170 T4 -30°C to +55°C 4.9
LX1E865F12L42 2 x 36W 1250 34 4,520 T4 -30°C to +55°C 6.1
LX1E865F12L60 2 x 58W 1250 47 5,920 T4 -30°C to +55°C 6.1
LX1E864F12L4234 2 x 36W 1250 35 4,770 T4 -30°C to +55°C 8.0
LX1E864F12L6034 2 x 58W 1250 47 5,920 T4 -30°C to +55°C 8.0


ZB Adaptation for use with a central battery connector
RR One-way loop-in / loop-out connection
DALI Dimming via DALI commands
RI Remote inhibition facility


ExLED Linear Z1

(PDF, 307 KB)


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