Lighting control for Hazardous Areas

The APC Photocell provides the ability to control the switching of lighting in hazardous areas, without the need for major rewiring of existing circuits.

With an increased focus on reducing carbon footprint combined with a drive to reduce overall operating costs, the APC photocell provides site owners and operators with a method to switch off lighting automatically when a specific light level is reached.

Based on Abtech’s proven BPG enclosure range, the photocell combines tried and tested circuitry with superior ingress and UV protection. The standard switching level is on/off at 70 lux, however, a number of alternate options are available to suit different environmental and site conditions.

The photocell has been designed to avoid 'nuisance switching' that can be caused by birds or animals crossing the path of the sensor or extreme overcast conditions. This is achieved with a built-in delay of 25 seconds from the photocell being activated to the switching of mains power to the luminaires.

  • Reduce energy consumption by luminaire switching during daylight hours

  • Range of on/off switching levels available

  • Built in delay to avoid nuisance switching due to temporary obstruction

APC Dimensions

Wiring Diagram for Photocell

Standard Specification

Product Reference Load Type Current Rating (A) Switching level (Lx) T Rating Ambient Range Weight (KG)
LX1APC104M20 Resistive & inductive 10 70 T6 -40°C to +55°C 2.0


On Off
Switching Ratio 1:1 1:0.5 1:1.5 1:2 1:3
70 70 35 105 140 210
18 18 9 27 36 54
55 55 27.5 82.5 110 165
100 100 50 150 200 300



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