Linear LED Luminaire

The ExLED is a linear LED luminaire designed as a direct replacement for traditional Zone 2 T8 fluorescent lighting.

The ExLED is an LED equivalent for 2 x 36W and 2 x 58W linear T8 fluorescents. The luminaire features a GRP body, pure white LEDs (5000K) with a low glare, frosted polycarbonate diffuser and stainless steel clips. The body has 2 x M25 clearance holes at one end and 1 x M25 at the other. It is suitable for both through wiring and loop-in/loop-out connection.

The use of LED technology as a light source provides reduced maintenance and site downtime due to longer maintenance intervals. The 100,000 hour operational life (L70 @55°C) ensures removes the need for replamping every two to three years as was the case for fluorescent lamps.

The ExLED is available as a self-contained battery backup version. This features automatic battery monitoring with bi-colour LED status indication. The luminaire also carries out automatic commissioning and duration testing to ensure the emergency operation is maintained throughout its lifetime.

  • Replacement for 2 x 36W and 2 x 58W linear fluorescents

  • High ambient version for 65°C operation

  • 3-hour self contained battery backup option

ExLED linear with low glare diffuser

Dimensions including mounting brackets

Luminaire Ratings

Product Reference Fluorescent Equivalent Integral Battery Length (mm) Power (W) Lumen Output (lm) T Rating Ambient Range Weight (kg)
LX2E866F12L42 2 x 36W No 1250 34 4,520 T4 -30°C to +55°C 6.1
LX2E866F12L60 2 x 58W No 1250 47 5,920 T4 -30°C to +55°C 6.1
LX2E867F12L4234 2 x 36W Yes 1250 35 4,770 T4 -30°C to +55°C 8.0
LX2E867F12L6034 2 x 58W Yes 1250 47 5,920 T4 -30°C to +55°C 8.0


ZB Adaption for use with a central battery connection
RR Single sided Loop in / Loop out connections
DALI Dimming via DALI commands
RI Remote inhibition facility



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