Flexible Busbar Enclosure for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas

Abtech has launched a high current enclosure that can carry up to 3kA and certified for use in areas in areas where potentially explosive gasses or dust are present.

The SX Busbar is the latest addition to Abtech range of enclosures for high current applications. Gareth Bruce, Marketing Manager for explains the concept behind the design “Our customers have been asking us for an enclosure that could accommodate both a wide variety of cable configurations and to allow the cable layout to be reconfigured if needed. The cable used for high current is often inflexible with restricted bending radii, so the design has to provide flexibility without bending the cables.” He continues “as such, we developed the SX with a series of tiered busbars that allow unrestricted access and flexibility for installation”.

This busbar arrangement is housed within Abtech field proven SX stainless steel enclosure.  It is suitable for high current (3000 Amps), medium voltage (up to 5kV) installations. “Due to the many possible combinations of busbar in terms of size and quantity and combined with different cable types, an almost infinite number of configurations are achievable” explains Bruce. “However, to provide a product that can be certified, understood and marketed we needed to rationalise”. The SX Busbar, therefore, can accommodate up to five conductors per phase, plus neutral with an optional earth bar facility. All versions are available in a bottom or top entry only configuration. The maximum full load current.

The SX range is fully ATEX and IECEx compliant for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas.

ATEX & IECEx Busbar Enclosure

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