Stainless Steel Enclosure

The SX is a range of stainless steel enclosures designed and certified for use in the most arduous hazardous areas on the planet.

Manufactured from marine grade 316L (1.404) stainless steel and with complete stainless steel fixings, the SX range features high levels of impact (IK10) and ingress protection (IP66/67/68 and Type 4X). The enclosure has also been DTS-01 deluge tested.

It has been designed for simple installation and ease of use with integrated mounting straps. The SX's oversize hinge allows easy removal of the door within confined spaces. A minimal opening of less than 10° is required. This design also enables the captive lid screws to control the closing of the door, rather than the hinge, preventing over-compression of the gasket. 

Earthing is via an external/internal earth stud fitted as standard which can be connected to the terminal mounting rail or component mounting plate. Earth studs can also be fitted to the door and gland plates.

In addition, to use as a terminal enclosure, the SX range can be fitted with a range of fibre optic cassettes, proximitors and bulkhead connectors further expanding the scope for this enclosure.

SX Range with Electropolished finish

A range of 14 standard sizes in 140, 200 and 300mm deep are available. Removable glands plates can be added to all four sides or multi-connection transit systems (MCT) can be incorporated. In addition to our standard sizes, the SX enclosure can be fabricated to your exact custom dimensions.

  • Marine grade 316L Stainless Steel construction with stainless steel fixings and silicone gasket

  • Standard range or Custom sizes available up to 2m x 2m x 2m

  • Increased Safety (Ex e), Optical Radiation (Ex op) and Intrinsically Safe (Ex i) components

Standard Sizes

Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (KG)
ESSX45 114 114 51 1.2
ESSX64 102 152 63 1.5
ESSX66 152 152 102 2.2
ESSX0 152 229 140/200 3.2/4.0
ESSX05 184 274 140/200 5.0/6.0
ESSX1 234 324 140/200 6.3/7.2
ESSX15 306 306 140/200 7.3/8.8
ESSX2 372 324 140/200/300 9.5/11.3/14.3
ESSX3 372 448 140/200/300 11.3/13.3/16.6
ESSX4 372 510 140/200/300 12.7/14.8/18.3
ESSX5 510 510 140/200/300 17.0/20.0/25.0
ESSX6 510 780 140/200/300 24.0/27.0/32.0
ESSX7 650 950 140/200/300 35.0/39.0/45.0
ESSX8 800 1250 140/200/300 40.0/52.0/72.0


Datasheet for SX Range

(PDF, 2.68 MB)


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