HV Cable Termination for Hazardous Areas

Based on the HVJB but suitable for 15kV, the ABJB can accept up to four phase connections in either a bottom entry or through box configuration.

The ABJB is manufactured from 316L (1.404) stainless steel. It is highly corrosion resistant and has been field-proven in some of the harshest industrial locations on the planet. Not only is the enclosure rated IP66 to EN 60529, it is also DTS-01 deluge tested.

As 11kV is the maximum allowable voltage under the IEC 60079-7 Increased Safety (Ex e) standard. The ABJB has been assessed in accordance with the Ex 's', special protection concept (IEC 60079-33) and carries dual ATEX and IECEx certification.

In line with the lower voltage HVJB, an ABJB-125 variant is available for the termination of multi-use cables. In this design, the power conductor compartment houses the HV cables. There is a separate control compartment for terminating fibre optic or control cables. The allows work to be carried out on optical fibres or control conductors without a need to isolate the HV supply.

ABJB (0-2) bottom entry

  • IECEx approved using Ex s 'Special Protection'

  • Short time withstand 50kA for 1.0 second

  • Each compartment independently IP66

Standard Specification

Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Power Rating @ T4 (W) Max Current (A) Max No. of Ways Weight (Kg)
EABJB-73(x-x) 650 950 300 259 980 3 75
EABJB-83(x-x) 800 1250 300 346 980 3 102
EABJB-84(x-x) 800 1250 300 346 980 4 102
EABJB1253(x-x)LH 1200 1250 300 346 980 3 120
EABJB1254(x-x)LH 1200 1250 300 346 980 4 120
EABJB1253(x-x)RH 1200 1250 300 346 980 3 120
EABJB1253(x-x)RH 1200 1250 300 346 980 4 120


Datasheet for ABJB

(PDF, 353 KB)

Datasheet for ABJB125

(PDF, 429 KB)


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