Up to 45kV with optional fibre optics

Designed to house high voltage connections within a hazardous area, the 4TJB can terminate up to 45kV power or multi-use cables.

The 4TJB can accept up to three single-phase connections (one conductor per phase) in either a bottom entry or through box configuration. The rugged enclosure is based on Abtech's field-proven SX stainless steel junction box. It is DTS-01 deluge tested and fault rated to 40kA for one second.

The -125 variants offer a unique solution for the termination of offshore umbilical cables or onshore distribution systems. In this design, the power conductor compartment houses the HV cables. A separate control compartment is used for terminating fibre optic or control cables.

A thermostat-controlled heater can also be fitted to maintain a consistent internal temperature and prevent condensation build-up. The enclosure can be further configured with a sun canopy or painted to client-specific requirements.

4TJB125 - terminate power & fibre optics

  • 45kV connections for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas

  • Short time withstand 40kA for 1 second

  • Bottom entry or through box configuration

Standard Specification

Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Power Rating @ T4 (W) Max Current (A) Ambient Range Weight
4TJB(x-x) 1300 1500 to 2000 500 346 980 -20°C to +40°C 290
4TJB(x-x) 1300 1500 to 2000 500 288 980 -20°C to +55°C 290



Datasheet for 4TJB

(PDF, 354 KB)


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