Hazardous Area Busbar enclosure for 3kA

Designed to accommodate inflexible high current cables, the BusBar Box can safely terminate conductors up to 3200 amps in harsh and hazardous locations.

A busbar is a crucial element of any efficient electrical power distribution system allowing for greater flexibility and reduced overall installation costs. Abtech's BusBar Box allows this facility to be implemented with hazardous area locations, often to provide temporary power connection during construction and commissioning phases.

Suitable for connectors over 400mm2, the enclosure can connect three-phase plus neutral supplied with up to six conductors per phase. 

Manufactured from 316L (1.404) Stainless Steel, IP66 and Type 4X rated the BusBar Box is at home in any offshore marine or exposed onshore environment. In addition to the use of cable glands, cable integration can also be achieved via modular transit systems, whilst still maintaining the IP and Ex-rating.

A variety of protective paint systems and mounting frame are available to match stringent project specifications.

Busbar with cable transit system

  • Up to 3200A and 11kV

  • Fault rated 90kA for 0.1 seconds

  • Available as bottom entry or through box (in-line)

Standard Specification

Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Max No. Ways Max Conductors per Way Cable Type
EBUSBARBOX1 770 675 770 4 6 Single-core
EBUSBARBOX2 770 1250 770 4 6 Multi-core
EBUSBARBOX3 1000 675 770 4 6 Single-core
EBUSBARBOX4 1000 1250 770 4 6 Multi-core
EBUSBARBOX5 1250 675 770 4 6 Single-core
EBUSBARBOX6 1250 1250 770 4 6 Multi-core

Note - Available as Type A = Bottom entry or Type B = Through box.

The maximum line current, when connected in a Delta configuration, is 3000A.



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