Rugged Corrosion Resistant Enclosure

The SX is a highly durable stainless steel enclosure, designed and proven for use in some the most arduous and exposed locations on the planet. It can be customised to meet your own requirements.

The SX junction box range comprises 14 standard sizes of enclosure manufactured in 316 stainless steel for maximum environmental resistance. The SX range features a high level of ingress protection (IP66/67) and is Type 4X rated.

It has been designed for simple installation and ease of use with integrated mounting straps. The SX's oversize hinge allows easy removal of the door within confined spaces. A minimal opening of less than 10° is required. This design also enables the captive lid screws to control the closing of the door, rather than the hinge, preventing over-compression of the gasket.

The SX enclosure is fire resistant, providing PH120 insulation integrity in accordance with BS EN 50200 when fitted with suitable heat resistant internal components and terminals.

In addition to the standard SX platform design, Abtech can customise an enclosure to your specific requirements. This may include double or triple doors, multiple gland plates, preparation for cable transit systems and structural mounting frames.

Custom size electrical enclosure

SX Enclosure with double door

ESSX66 152 152 102 2.2
ESSX0 152 229 140/200 3.2/4.0
ESSX05 184 174 140/200 5.6/6.0
ESSX1 234 324 140/200 6.3/7.2
ESSX1.5 306 306 140/200 7.3/8.8
ESSX2 372 324 140/200/300 9.5/11.3/14.3
ESSX3 372 448 140/200/300 11./13.3/16.6
ESSX4 372 510 140/200/300 12.7/14.8/18.3
ESSX5 510 510 140/200/300 17.0/20.0/25.0
ESSX6 510 780 140/200/300 24.0/27.0/32.0
ESSX7 650 950 140/200/300 35.0/39.0/45.0
ESSX8 800 1250 140/200/300 40.0/52.0/72.0

The above are standard sizes. Abtech can also fabricate enclosures to your exact requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirement.


Datasheet for SX Range

(PDF, 2.68 MB)


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