High Voltage Junction Box for Hazardous Areas

The HVJB range provides a safe means of terminating 11kV power or combined multi-use cables within hazardous areas both onshore and offshore. It is certified for both Gas and Dust hazards.

The HVJB range builds upon the proven SX stainless steel enclosure platform to provide a safe and flexible method of high voltage power termination and distribution. This provides the designers of electrical infrastructure with a greater choice of cables, configuration and termination.

The range can accept up to four phase connections, and up to three connections per phase. These can be done as either bottom entry or a straight-through configuration.

More the termination of combined, multi-use cables the HVJB-125 variant has been developed. This is a unique solution for the termination of offshore umbilical cables or onshore distribution systems. In this design, the power conductor compartment houses the HV cables. A separate control compartment is used for terminating fibre optic or control cables.


HVJB125 - terminate power & fibre optics

  • Marine grade 316L Stainless Steel construction, with high levels of ingress protection

  • Fault rated 50kA for 1 second

  • Global Certification: ATEX, IECEx, CSA and InMetro

Standard Specification

Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Max Voltage (kV) Max Current (A) Power Rating @ T4 (W) Max Ways Weight (Kg)
HVJB73(x-x) 650 950 300 11 980 259/129.5 3 70
HVJB83(x-x) 800 1250 300 11 980 346/173 3 97
HVJB84(x-x) 800 1250 300 11 980 346/173 4 97

Notes:(x-x) denotes the number of connections per phase. 1st position = top, 2nd position = bottom.

Power rating is determined by ambient temp range: -20 to +40°C / -50 to +55°C respectively. The higher power rating can also be achieved if the enclosure is marked Ex e IIC T150°C Gb.


Datasheet for HVJB

(PDF, 403 KB)

Datasheet for HVJB125

(PDF, 366 KB)


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